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                                                                            A little bit about the name
Inscape” is an improvised term to describe the outcome of all our inner brain and psychological processes; The subjective reality that we experience and which helps us develop and relate to others/things and situations. We believe that mapping parts of our personal inscapes is a promising start to a balanced and fulfilling life.
Angeliki Manoli
​Angeliki Manoli has attained her bachelor’s degree from the National and Kapodistrian University of Athens, in Greece and her master’s degree from Leiden University, in the Netherlands. Furthermore, she has been trained in the theoretical aspects and interventions of the Cognitive Behavioural and the Cognitive-Analytical model and as an EMDR therapist. ​ 

Angeliki Manoli is often described as a non-judgmental, empathic, creative and professional psychologist. She is engaging and able to share her observations and feedback in a safe and constructive way in order to promote growth and the self-reflective skills of her clients.
Her therapeutic style varies depending on the nature of the issues, the client brings, the learning pace and needs of her clients and their emotional state. With one word, her style could be called “integrative” as it is influenced not only by the cognitive-behavioural and the cognitive-analytical models but from art-therapy interventions, mindfulness and body-therapy principals, as well.

The Psychologist
Angeliki Manoli is a Clinical Psychologist with working experience in Greece, France and the Netherlands. Her clinical work experience lies in addictions, rehabilitation, depression, anxiety, trauma, psychosomatic complaints, cultural integration and (sexual) identity issues.
Since 2013 she runs her own private practice under the name “Inscape Psychology Practice”, focusing on adults and expats.

Professional registrations
  • Nederlands Instituut van Psychologen (NIP)

Other activities
Angeliki Manoli has been an associate of Leiden University (2010-2017), providing services such as teaching therapeutic courses, giving workshops and providing supervision for several internship projects of the Master program of Clinical Psychology. Between 2014-2017, she was, also, the developer and instructor of the latest clinical internship project (IPI) of the same master program.
As a professional, Angeliki Manoli continues to keep her expertise updated by following the latest conferences, trainings and by collaborating with a network of other well-respected colleagues.

The practice
At Inscape Psychology Practice we believe that the client has or is able to find the best solutions for him/herself. Moreover, a psychologist is a trained professional that can assist the person find the way to them or build new skills.....
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Please get in contact with me if you have any questions or need help. Please do not hesitate to approach psychological help even if you are not sure of your issue and its origins.
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