Inscape Psychology Practice

Some categories of what we can work on together are:

  • Relationship issues/interpersonal difficulties/intimacy
  • Life transitions and changes
  • Loss and grief
  • Depression
  • Anxiety-stress related issues and phobias
  • Somatic complaints not explained by
    a medical condition
  • Body/self-image
  • (sexual) identity
  • Organisational skills and procrastination
  • Decision making 
  • Future self-perspectives and personal
    growth questions
  • Creativity 
  • Traumatic experiences
  • Specific types of addictions (substance, alcohol or sexual addictions are NOT included due to the nature of the practice)

If your issue is not included in these topics you may still contact Inscape Psychology Practice. In case the psychologist judges that she has not enough expertise to deal with it, she will be able to assist you with a reference so you seek a more adequate help.
Inscape Psychology Practice
Some people come in therapy with a very accurate issue that they would like to discuss or work on. Quite often, though, people are in an unpleasant phase in their lives: they have a general idea of what their discomfort is about but they are unsure of what they need or what will help them make their lives better.
Common misconceptions that confuse rather help these people are: “I don’t want to bother anybody -nothing can help" , "a psychologist will think I am crazy”, “I am already confused, a psychologist might make me feel worse”, “I know what my problem is, and therefore that should be enough to solve it”. 

At Inscape Psychology Practice we believe that:
  • The client is able to find the best solutions for himself/herself.
  • The psychologist is a trained professional that can assist the person in finding the way to them or build new skills in order to attain them.
  • Working collaboratively in a non-biased environment and with a genuine interest in personal growth is a key for promising results.

Please do not hesitate to ask for psychological help even if you are not sure of your issue and its origins. 
The rights of the clients and psychologists:
The client has the right to work on his issue in a working alliance with the psychologist that is defined by respect and under the strict rules of the psychologist’s work ethics and confidentiality .

The psychologist is by law obliged to keep a personal record of the client, followed by the rules of confidentiality, too.

Inscape Psychology Practice reserves the right to end the session and charge for it in full in the following situations:
  • Aggressive/violent behaviour from the client 
  • Attending the session under the influence of drugs or alcohol
Language of sessions
The sessions can be held both in Greek and English.
Starting with psychological sessions
Arranging an appointment
The clients can contact Angeliki Manoli via email, in the beginning. Then, there will be a phone appointment arranged (free of charge) in order to discuss briefly about the issue of the client and further practical information, if needed. This phone-appointment lasts maximum 15-20’. If the issue of the client is relevant to the services of the practice and both parties agree, then the first meeting in person will be arranged.

First meeting
The first meeting lasts 45'-50', like all (standard) psychological sessions. During this first meeting, the client will be able to express himself extensively over his issue and the psychologist will have the opportunity to unfold more of its aspects through listening and posing further explorative questions. There is, also, space to discuss further questions or fears about the therapeutic process. After this first meeting, if the client feels comfortable with the process and the psychologist assertive that has enough expertise on the matter, a further appointment will be arranged in order to collect the history of the client.

History-collecting meeting(s)
This meeting is focused on collecting information about further aspects of the client’s personal, social, medical and family history in order to be able to create an adequate treatment plan that will assist him/her with his issue. This treatment plan is formed collaboratively with the client, taking into account his wishes, goals, strengths, weaknesses and current living situation. Usually, one to three sessions may be needed in order to finalise the history-collecting and to arrange the treatment plan.
After the agreement on the treatment plan, the sessions focus on the issue of the client. The progress of the client is reviewed regularly and further insights and information may enrich the initial plan.
Further practical information

Cancellation policy
 In case of cancellation, the client needs to inform the psychologist via phone or sms 24hours before their appointment. In any other case the full amount of the session will be charged.

Payment options
Inscape Psychology Practice does not have contracts with health insurance companies.
The first session is paid in cash after the end of the meeting.
Monthly payments are made by bank transfer. The client needs to submit the correct amount of money within 14 days from the date indicated on his invoice.

Inscape Psychology Practice does not offer internship placements.


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